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Olestars(OLE)世界首次在DigiFinex上推出,15,000,000 OLE糖果空投。

DigiFinex將於2019年1月17日10:00(GMT + 8)列出Olestars(OLE)娛樂平台並開放存款。 提款和交易服務將於2019年1月18日10:00(格林尼治標準時間+8)開放。為了慶祝,我們將空投15,000,000個OLE糖果!



活動時間:2019年1月17日,10:00  -  2019年1月27日10:00




Ole-token&shinning coin_chinese.png

Issuing a shining coin 100 times the number of fans belonging to the room. As the number of people increases, the coins are divided and the coins are increased for fans you have from the beginning.

Returning the coin to the token will increase the token!

100 Fans      Shinning coins   10000

            ↓ Split

1000 Fans    Shinning coins   15000

        New coin   85000

      Total     100000

            ↓ Split

2000 Fans Shinning coins  150000

       New coin   50000

       Total      200000

Fans purchase a shining coin for the following purposes


1.Exclusive Fan events, purchase goods, purchase rights (based on the amount of coins held)

2.Purpose to support your favourite artists      

When an artist becomes famous, the value of Shinning coin increases.

If a Fan sells coins back to a token, they will get the added value like an investment.

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